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At Think Wraps are ready to take on all kinds of commercial projects. We are proud to carry out our services no matter the scale. Why replace when you can wrap?

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Architectural Finishes

An architectural finish is a self-adhesive surface that is placed over the existing walls in your establishment. We aid designers and architects in creating a bespoke graphic that has a unique look. The customisation options for this type of adhesive are virtually limitless, you can use any texture or design you please. Architectural finishes can drastically improve an interior and make your establishment a comfortable place for employees, clients and visitors.
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1. Your personality will shine through

Our architectural finishes can be applied to virtually any surface- doors, walls, lifts, ceilings, columns, cabinets and millwork to name a few. From reception areas to offices, bathrooms to kitchens, we can tailor any room to your preferences.

2. Save time and money

Our methods produce less waste and require less labour. Ensuring less down-time during the installation so you, your staff and your business don’t have to suffer through long term renovations.

3. Be as creative as you like

If you are looking for a bold feature for your interior or exterior walls, we have plenty of options to choose from. Our architectural films enable you to customise the look and feel of any space, allowing your creativity to shine.

benefits of architectural finishes

Tints and Solar Control

Tinting has been common for many years, the process involves a film being applied to a window. These films are available in a variety of colours and are perfect for decorating shop windows or for making the interior of company vehicles less visible from the outside. Special solar control film can also be applied to the windows in your commercial premises, which helps improve efficiency.
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Frosted window film is a stylish product designed to obscure glass. It provides both privacy and added security in your home or office, day and night. It is affordable, durable and can be applied easily in mere minutes even for a novice. using just soapy water and a felt-edged tool for a smooth, professional looking finish. Our frosted window vinyl can be purchased cut to size to your window measurements, and can have shapes cut into it to match your branding. From simple to extreme renovations, we will help you at every stage.

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Signs have a multitude of uses in the commercial environment. From drawing attention to your business to conveying important information to employees. Primarily, signage must be eye-catching and informative. Our team create signs that serve a functional purpose and are aesthetically pleasing too. We have a broad selection available, so you’re sure to find a sign suitable for you when you reach out to us.
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  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Retail & Leisure
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Washrooms

Why choose Think Wraps

standard re-fits cost 7 times more

Traditional rip-out projects cost 7 times more than vinyl wrapping. For instance, a hotel could potentially refurbish rooms, doors, lobbies, lifts, bars and restaurant areas for a fraction of the cost.

no loss of revenue

Refurbishment can be achieved one room at a time, meaning no wholesale closure. There’s no noise, smell or waste, leaving adjoining rooms untouched and avoiding expensive downtime.

Increase Rates for Premium Rooms

Great looking rooms encourage customer bookings and can potentially increase revenue too. Refurbish a small number of rooms to create an exclusive accommodation which you can charge at a premium.

Quick Install with No Building Work

Refit in a fraction of the time and without the mess. Vinyls can often be applied over the existing substrate, saving you from disruption.

Not Just for Flat Surfaces

Curves and complex shapes are no problem for our versatile materials, which can fit virtually any 3D form. Perfect for ceilings, columns and intricate structures.

1500+ Realistic Textures & Patterns

From concrete to metal, wood to leather; hyper realistic textures look and feel like the real material. Meaning you can apply finishes where it may be difficult or too costly to fit the real thing.

Transform one item or many

Rejuvenate an entire interior in one go or wrap individual items over time i.e. bar, tables, trims. There’s a cost-effective solution for any budget.

A Sustainable Solution

Wrapping offers a longer-term solution – reusing and recycling furniture rather than disposing of it. Upcycle existing fixtures and fittings to create less landfill.

Fire tested, and resistant to heat & moisture

Fire tested, CE marked and IMO approved for peace of mind. Our vinyls are also moisture and heat resistant for suitable applications in washrooms and food environments.