Terms and Conditions


In these conditions “the Company” shall mean Think Wraps Ltd and “the Customer” shall mean the party with whom the Company enters a contract or to whom a quotation is given.


These terms apply to all sale Contracts between Think Wraps Ltd and the Customer and are the only conditions upon which the Company is prepared to deal with the Customer to the exclusion of all other conditions.


The contract price in the Sale Contract is based on information available to Think Wraps Ltd at the date hereof. If between that date and the date on which the goods are delivered to the Customer, there shall be any increase in the cost of materials, labour or other costs, Think Wraps Ltd shall have the right to increase the contract price.


All quotations by the Company are valid for 30 days from the date thereon;

a. Think Wraps Ltd shall be entitled to withdraw the quotation at any time without liability.

b. Unless otherwise specified all prices are quoted exclusive of VAT which shall be charged and be payable by the Customer at the rates in force at the time of the invoice.


The delivery dates offered, whether orally or in writing as stated in the Quotation/Sale Contract are only approximate and not a condition of the Sale Contract. Think Wraps Ltd shall be entitled to employ the services of a contractor or any other party or parties for the purpose of undertaking the work.

Risk and Retention of Title

The risk in the goods shall pass to the Customer on the date of the Sale Contract. The goods shall remain the sole and absolute property of Think Wraps Ltd until the Customer shall have paid to the Company in full the price due under the Sale Contract. Think Wraps Ltd may at any time repossess the goods and the Customer hereby grants to the Company an irrevocable licence to enter upon any premises occupied by the Customer for the purpose of so doing.


All designs and artwork remain property of Think Wraps Ltd. No part of any design or artwork may be used, reproduced, distributed or transmitted by any means strictly without prior written permission of the management of Think Wraps Ltd.

Any evidence of the use of Think Wraps Ltd work, images & designs will be treated as theft and could lead to legal action to recover costs and damages.

It is the clients’ duty to check all artwork/designs before commencement of works begin. Any changes after approval will incur more charges.

Email Booking

Think Wraps Ltd will provide a written quotation by email and/or on social media showing the total fee for work to be carried out at our studio.

Where the Customer agrees by email, or other written device to book the workshop slot, Think Wraps Ltd will provide a booking confirmation to the Customer via email and or social media. The Customer must pay the requested deposit or payment as defined on the booking confirmation prior to confirmation of the booking. During that period, Think Wraps Ltd reserves the right to accept any booking for the workshop slot from a third party, where said third party agrees to payment prior to receipt of payment from the Customer. On receipt of the required payment from the Customer, Think Wraps Ltd will issue a booking confirmation by email, to the Customer.

Where the Customer chooses to amend their booking 10 days or more prior to the workshop date agreed, resulting in a change of dates regarding workshop slots, a £100 Booking Administration Fee will be levied. Where the Customer alters the booking resulting in a reduction in the cost subsequent to the initial quote, Think Wraps Ltd will charge the £100.00 work allocation administration Fee. Any changes to existing bookings within 7 days of arrival will normally not be permitted but will try to accommodate where we can.


The Customer agrees that on payment of the deposit sum to Think Wraps Ltd, the Customer will signify their full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of booking. The Customer further acknowledges that full payment of the final sum will be made prior to collection of the Customer vehicle(s).

Payments & Deposits

Deposits must be made at the time of booking. A standard booking fee of 25% – 50% of the total works must be made prior to booking confirmation. Think Wraps Ltd reserves the right to request higher deposits or waiver, as and when the management deem suitable.

The Customer agrees and acknowledges that Think Wraps Ltd will not release the vehicle(s) or any goods prior to receipt by Think Wraps Ltd of payment in full. Failure of the Customer to pay in full for any service will result in removal or refusal to supply said service.

The Customer agrees to pay the total fee as shown on the quotation as set out on the booking confirmation. Final and full payment is due on collection (Less the deposit received at the time of booking). In the event of late payment, or failure to pay, Think Wraps Ltd reserves the rights to levy the cancellation penalty percentage charges against any money that the Customer has paid in advance. Where the money paid in advance is insufficient to cover the calculated percentage, Think Wraps Ltd reserves the right to exercise any legal remedies to pursue the amount owed by the Customer.

Where the Customer chooses to amend their booking 10 days or more prior to the workshop date agreed, resulting in a change of dates regarding workshop slots, a £100 Booking Administration Fee will be levied. Where the Customer alters the booking resulting in a reduction in the cost subsequent to the initial quote, Think Wraps Ltd will charge the £100.00 work allocation administration Fee. Any changes to existing bookings within 7 days of arrival will normally not be permitted but will try to accommodate where we can.

Late payments of any outstanding balance will incur a charge of 2.5% of the total cost of works for every five working days of late payment. Think Wraps Ltd reserves the right to change or waiver this charge if/where management deem suitable.

Late Collections/Pick ups

Think Wraps Ltd reserves the right to charge storage of any vehicle or goods that remain in the studio (Studio 2a The Greenhouse, Mannings Heath Road, BH12 4NQ), at £100.00 + VAT for every 5 working days that the vehicle/goods stay beyond the confirmed collection date. After 4 weeks, the charge will increase to £150.00 + VAT for every 5 working days thereafter. These charges will cover insurance and vehicle movements while collection is made.

After the initial 5 working days, the vehicle will be moved and stored outside of the studio (Studio 2a The Greenhouse, Mannings Heath Road, BH12 4NQ). Charges will still apply. Think Wraps Ltd reserves the right to add this charge to the final payment /invoice and maintain the right to waiver these charges, as and when the management deem suitable.


The Customer may cancel their booking at any time up to the workshop slot date in writing. In the event that the Customer exercises their right to cancel, Think Wraps Ltd will levy the following cancellation penalty percentage rates of the quote including deposit:

  • From initial date of booking up to 42 days prior to the workshop slot date 100% Return of Deposit
  • Between 30 and 41 days prior to the workshop slot date 75% Return of Deposit
  • Between 15 and 29 days prior to the workshop slot date 50% Return of Deposit
  • Less than 14 days prior to the workshop slot date 0% Return of Deposit

Think Wraps Ltd regrets that it is unable to waive any of the cancellation charges above, whatever the circumstances.

Think Wraps Ltd reserves the right to apply charges after cancellation for any time spent on preparing artwork.

Vehicle Conditions & Paint

Think Wraps Ltd requires all vehicles delivered clean, dry (where possible) & free from contamination, grease, wax. Think Wraps Ltd requires the Customer to notify the Company of any damages, issues or areas that may pose as a potential risk when wrapping, dismantling, tinting, and or removing parts from the vehicle. Think Wraps Ltd accepts no liability for any issues that may occur due to the lack of information provided prior to job commencement.

Prior to works commencing, Think Wraps will try their utmost best to access the paint & external bodywork but may not always be able to note everything, therefore it is imperative that any and all damages, information of the vehicle and or issue are given to the Company prior to works commencing.

Think Wraps Ltd will aim to thoroughly check and note down all findings, advising the Customer of any unsuitable areas and potential issues or risk. Think Wraps will aim to deal with these areas prior to works commencing, with both the Customer and Think Wraps Ltd agreeing that these areas are acceptable or accept that highlighted areas will not have any guarantees or warranties for workmanship or material quality.

Damaged parts and potential issues that are only noticeable upon dismantling the vehicle will be recorded via picture / videos where necessary and Think Wraps Ltd will evidence these issues to the Customer where necessary. If for any reason anything that is noticed in this area poses any potential risk to the job, Think Wraps Ltd accepts no liability if the Customer choses to proceed with the works despite the findings and the potential risks imposed. In some instances, these damages / issues can only be recognised upon the vehicle dismantling stage, and therefore as above these highlighted areas will not have any guarantees or warranties for workmanship or material.

Areas that have received repair, or are suspected of receiving repair, will not be guaranteed, or warranted in line with the film manufacturer’s warranty statements and Think Wraps Ltd.’s terms and conditions.

If repairs are to be carried out prior to any vehicle wrap work and booking, the paints must be fully cured and out gassed in line with the paint manufacturers technical instructions before any livery/wrap can be applied. Think Wraps Ltd gives no warranty or guarantee to panels or areas that have received remedial or re-spray/smart repair work undertaken.

Any vehicle with additional damage from between the initial consultation, to the booked in date, will be highlighted, and pointed out before work commences. Any additional damage needing repair will need to be re-booked but may still be charged.

Vehicles with unsuitable paint or bodywork will need the Customer to sign a waiver before any work will commence, ensuring any works or materials by Think Wraps Ltd are not liable against guarantees or warranties thereafter.

Failure to meet any of the above points or requests may result in the works being cancelled and full charge being applied.

Please note, that Think Wraps Ltd will not be held responsible for the replacement of vehicle furniture on any vehicle where application requires anything to be removed. Some clips and mouldings are not designed for more than one fixing. Think Wraps Ltd will also not be held responsible for vehicle badges or parts that need to be removed and/or are damaged during the application process.


  • While Think Wraps Ltd will give the best quality of work and materials, it is the Customers’ responsibility to maintain the aftercare and appearance of their wrap/livery after handover.
  • Keeping your vehicle clean and free from dirt will always help maintain the look of your wrap/livery like any painted surface.
  • Please do not use any harsh chemicals with your cleaning process to help prevent any reaction to our materials.
  • Allow 5 days after the installation of work before washing the vehicle for the first time. Strictly hand -wash the vehicle only. DO NOT USE pressure washers/automatic washers.
  • Ensure you clean your vehicle from the top to bottom, allowing dirt and water to run downwards.
  • Wipe spillages, diesel/petrol/bird droppings etc., from the film as quickly as possible.
  • Although some companies claim to have wrap waxes and polishes, we do not recommend any products 100%. If you intend to use any waxes/polishes, please try on your wrap/livery in a small inconspicuous area first.

Additional Charges

Additional charges will be incurred due to, but not exclusively to –

  • Vehicle’s not clean on arrival (Cleaning charges of – £50 per car/ £75 per van / £125 per HGV cabs)
  • Late collections (as stated above)
  • Amendments to design (as stated above)
  • Cancellations (as stated above)
  • Failure of client not able to receive / sign for vehicle delivered to site as arranged. £50 per hour waiting.


Works will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the unlikely event of a delay to any works, Think Wraps Ltd will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from a delay in completing all or part of the projects ordered or confirmed


Think Wraps Ltd has no insurable interest in any Customers vehicles delivered to our premises and cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to Customer’s vehicles/goods. It is the responsibility of our clients/Customers to ensure their vehicles/goods are fully insured whilst on Think Wraps Ltd premises.


All standard wraps supplied and installed by Think Wraps Ltd staff will include an application guarantee of 1 years and manufacturers guarantee of between 2 to 5 years dependent on the material chosen for the wrap/livery.

Warranties/Guaranties are only valid if material is supplied by Think Wraps Ltd and is installed at our studio (Studio 2a The Greenhouse, Mannings Heath Road, BH12 4NQ).

Repeat orders or crash damage may occasionally require new material orders or productions. These may, on rare occasions, have slight colour differences from time to time, due to suppliers or manufacturers batch numbers. Think Wraps Ltd accepts no responsibility for these issues.

Any guarantee/warranty that is in place is only valid between the paying client and Think Wraps Ltd and strictly nontransferable to any third party

Inspection of Work

It is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect the work as far as is reasonably possible immediately on completion and any complaint or allegation of breach of contract must be made in writing to Think Wraps and delivered to the Company by hand or by recorded delivery within five (5) working days of the date of completion. If Think Wraps Ltd does not receive any such notification from the Customer, it shall be conclusively deemed that the work was free from any defect which would be apparent on reasonable examination of the work.


Where Think Wraps Ltd supplies or offers goods in accordance with the Customers own designs or specifications, then the Customer shall fully indemnify Think Wraps against all claims, actions, penalties, costs and expenses to which Think Wraps may become liable involving infringement of patent, registered design, trademark or trade name. Think Wraps Ltd reserves the right to use the Customer’s name.


Think Wraps Ltd shall under no circumstances be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss (including loss of anticipated or third part claims) howsoever arising either from breach or non-performance of any of its obligations under the contract or from supply of or intended use of the goods, even if Think Wraps has been advised of the possibility of such potential loss

Force Majeure and Frustration

Think Wraps Ltd shall not in any way be liable to the Customer in respect of any loss arising in the event of delivery of the goods being prevented, hindered or delayed as a result of any circumstances outside the control of Think Wraps including (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing), accidents, strikes, lockouts, trade disputes, acts of restraints of Government or imposition of restrictions on export.


Think Wraps Ltd must be advised in writing of any disputes or discrepancies within 7 days of receipt of goods. Any discrepancies not notified to the Company within this time, whether the fault may be the Company’s or the Customer’s may incur extra costs to rectify the problem.


Think Wraps Ltd reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice, although reasonable effort to provide notification will be made.

Data Protection

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Sale, you are giving us express consent and authority to make a search with a Credit Reference Agency, which will keep a record of that search and will share that information with other businesses should this be deemed necessary to achieve the agreed objective. In some instances, we may also make a search on the personal credit of the business proprietors and/or its principal directors. Should it become necessary to review an account, then again, a credit reference may be sought, and a record kept.